Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My Endoscopy

This time yesterday was VERY interesting! It wasn't fun having an endoscopy! First of all, my IDIOTIC picolax is STUPID! I mean it worked but I HATE IT!! the fact that I was up till THREE IN THE MORNING STUCK ON THE LOO made me hate it! I also hate the fact I was FASTING!!! I HAD NEVER BEEN SO HUNGRY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! I was totally EMPTY! I also had to get up at six in the morning!😴😴😴 I did sleep on car ride to the hospital.☺

In the hospital,  we had a REALLY nice nurse called Vera. 😷😷😷 After HOURS the she took off my numbing cream and gave me an injection. I couldn't feel a  thing! I didn't like looking at it while it was going in for some strange reason... after that, I went to a room where the endoscopy is done. πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–They told me to lie on my side while they put a cold liquid that they called penguin milk in the injection thingy ma bob and I could feel it travel up my veins! Then I fell asleep. I dreamed about my cat. 😺😺😺It felt weird to think that a camera had just been shoved down my throat and up my behind!😜😜😜 When I woke up, the nurses wheeled me in my hospital bed thingy to the children area. I had a headache and I didn't really know what was going on. It turned out that they didn't find anything!πŸ˜ͺ😧πŸ˜₯😫😭Now I have to spend this week refilling my tum tum πŸ˜¬πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’


  1. Oh wow, Iona, what a vivid description of your endoscopy experience! You really brought the whole horror of it to life! Especially the sitting on the loo half the night! Yukkkkk. It is good that they didn't find anything nasty lurking in your gut, though, but you'll have to wait to see the consultant to give you the absolute all clear. I am sure all is ok!!! I am so pleased it is behind you!!! I love the way you write, by the way! One would never think you are not even 10!!! Lots of lovexxx

  2. Iona, here are some of the comments people made after they read your blog:

    Dagmar Goak She did a good job on writing about her endoscopy. I see it as a good sign, they didn't find anything bad. On the other side, something must be wrong. I think positive, hope you all do as well! Stay brave Iona

    Lesley Lel Shaw Brave girl....I have had the same thing Iona, the very worst thing apart from sitting on the loo was the HUNGER!! Get well soon, well done for writing about it to help other children x

    Katherine Gullett Great sense of humor Iona! I have had that procedure done too. It's great that we can dream away the time while it's being done. I went out to eat as soon as I could afterward! I'm glad they didn't find anything awful and wish for it all to be over with soon. So many of "us'" have grown to love and admire you through the posts your grandmother has written about you and the Sashas. Hugs and happiness to you.

    Marti Sanders Murphy She's very expressive!! Very funny...or at least as a endoscopy can be. Just wait till she' older....can't wait to hear what she has to say about Mammograms!

    Alexa Potraskof you are a fighter material little girl!! Keep up the good fight xxx

  3. Iona, here are a couple more comments. Koko Malik is Grandpa's niece. She lives in Holland.

    Koko Malik Written straight from the heart! Iona dear we hope the best for you. Do eat lots of yummy foods. You deserve it!

    Doll Mum Iona this is a very good description of a miserable procedure, I'm so glad you've kept your spirits up despite the discomfort and have written about it. You write very well. Let’s hope the medical folk can work out what is causing your tummy aches and headaches very soon so you can get well again

  4. Iona you are a STAR!!! I'm a friend of your grandmothers so I knew you were having this treatment, and am glad that they couldn't find anything lurking there....but sad that you had to go through it. You gave a brilliant description of it all though, you are a very good writer :)
    Big hugs from Sharon in Spain x